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Share the initiative and support us!

The initiative STOP VIVISECTION has been launched without any big economic resources or complex organizational machines. This initiative can therefore succeed only thanks to the help and support of every single citizen, committee, association or activist.

Here you are what you can do:

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Support us! Make your financial contribution to bring forward STOP VIVISECTION: Notwithstanding all warrantors, supporters and organisers act on a voluntary and unpaid basis, carrying on campaign for STOP VIVISECTION implicates the deployment of financial resources for different purposes (i.e. the achievement of the website and an online collection system protecting personal data, as required by the European Commission). Even a very small contribution is fundamental.

The balance of donations is public. It is published here, just as it is published on the budget of the initiative, supported by justifications of expenses.

You can contribute:

  • making a Bank Transfer with Banca Etica directly to the following account IT04I0501804600000000145175
    registered at Adriano Varrica's name for the initiative Stop vivisection
  • using PayPal, by clicking on the button "Donation" in the right box and following the instructions. 


As set forth in a European Regulation every donation superior to 500 euros will be publicised in the European Commission registry. Donations are not tax-deductible.