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The Initiative

About Stop Vivisection

STOP VIVISECTION has been made possible thanks to an important participatory legislative tool introduced by the European Union in 2012 with the application of article 11 of the EU Treaty. It is the new "Right of initiative", which allows European citizens to "participate in the shaping of European policies" in a strictly regulated manner.

Referring to this regulatory framework eleven European citizens of different backgrounds and origins have created the Initiative STOP VIVISECTION, which has received the approval of the European Commission to proceed, and which has reached well beyond the one million certified signatures required: STOP VIVISECTION has exceeded 1.200.000 signatures accepted as valid by the authorities in charge.


The reasons for Stop Vivisection

1) The number of doctors and researchers of international renown who question the validity of animal experimentation, as a major scientific error - since it has no predictive value for humans - continues to grow.

2) From this perspective, the practice of animal experimentation is:

a. A hazard to human health and to the environment;
b. A brake for the development of new methods of biomedical research based on the extraordinary scientific discoveries of our times, making inroads everywhere;
c. An obstacle to the ability to tap into answers far more reliable, comprehensive - as well as being faster and cheaper - provided by new technologies that are relevant to humans.

3) STOP VIVISECTION was also launched to challenge and oppose the strong interests of those who make profits from animal testing, without considering either the health of citizens or the right to life, to liberty and to welfare, of all living beings.

STOP VIVISECTION was officially presented to the European Parliament on June 26, 2013, with the participation of MEPs from different political backgrounds and with the testimony of many scientists, who took part in the ceremony either directly or indirectly, by means of video conferencing and with an important introduction by Jeremy Rifkin.

STOP VIVISECTION, with more than 1.2 million signatures collected throughout Europe, wants to point to the European Commission the legislative way to proceed.

The way to proceed will be to make non-animal alternative methods, wherever applicable, compulsory, and to encourage their further development, in a concerted drive towards the rapid abolition of the useless and risky practice of animal experimentation. The practice of animal experimentation and testing have never formally undergone the process of "validation", which is currently required of all new testing methods.

The initiative in progress:
STOP VIVISECTION has been introduced at the European Commission registry
Confirmation of the registration by the European Commission and launch of signature-collecting-process
Closure of signature-collecting-process
From September 2014 on: public hearing at the European Parliament and communication from the European Commission