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APRIL 19, 2017

European Ombudsman, Ms Emily O’Reilly, rejects complaint submitted by European Citizens’ Initiative « Stop Vivisection »

In an official response received April 18 by the organisers of « Stop Vivisection » the European Ombudsman states that « the Commission has complied with its duty to explain, in a clear, comprehensible and detailed manner, its position and political choices regarding the objectives of the ECI “Stop Vivisection” » (see link below).

Further, that “The Commission underlines that, for the time being, animal experimentation remains important for protecting human and animal health, and for maintaining an intact environment. While working towards the ultimate goal of full replacement of animals, Directive 2010/63/EU is an indispensable tool at the EU level to protect those animals still required. »

Such statements are an insult to the intelligence of any EU citizen informed of what really goes on in animal laboratories.

The ECI « Stop Vivisection » was launched in 2012 and became one of only three historic Initiatives to attain the required one million signatures. The European Commission subsequently invited the organisers of « Stop Vivisection » to a parliamentary hearing in which the organisers were allowed to speak, on behalf of 1.200.000 european citizens, for a total of just 34 minutes in a hearing that lasted three and a half hours.

The principal aim of « Stop Vivisection » was to highlight the catastrophic damage to human health and the environment resulting from animal research and testing. The weak response by the European Commission and now the rejection by the European Ombudsman illustrate the need to take the debate to another level, for example a Parliamentary or Public Judicial Inquiry.

Our health and our environment depend on it.

The Stop Vivisection Promoting Committee


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APRIL 18, 2017

European Ombudsman, Ms Emily O’Reilly's anwer to the Committee


 OCTOBER 28, 2016

Complant to the Ombudsman

Complaint admissibility


 DECEMBER 7, 2016

To whom it may concern 

This message is to confirm that we, the representatives of the "Stop Vivisection" ECI Promoting Committee have declared with an official message sent months ago already, that "Stop Vivisection" would not attend the conference of the Commission "Non animal approaches: the way forward" to be organised in Brussels on december 6, clearly explaining our reasons for not participating in the conference.

Persons watching the streaming of this conference "Non animal approaches, the way forward" organised by the European Commission, that has taken place on december 6 and 7, 2016, reported that a person has made declarations contrary to our position, speaking in our name.

As promoters and official representatives of Stop Vivisection, we now declare that :

we have never changed our minds, nor have we delegated anyone to speak on our behalf.



Dr André Ménache and prof. Gianni Tamino, on behalf of the

<StopVivisection> ECI promoting Committee










A tutti gli interessati:

Questo messaggio è per confermare che noi, rappresentanti del Comitato Promotore della ICE Stop Vivisection, abbiamo inviato già mesi fa un messaggio ufficiale in cui abbiamo dichiarato che "Stop Vivisection" non avrebbe partecipato alla conferenza della Commissione "Non animal approaches: the way forward" in programma a Bruxelles per il 6 dicembre, ed abbiamo illustrato chiaramente le ragioni di questa nostra decisione.

Persone che hanno seguito in streamiing la conferenza svoltasi il 6 e 7 dicembre, ci hanno fatto sapere che una persona ha preso la parola facendo dichiarazioni contrarie a questa nostra posizione, parlando a nome di "Stop Vivisection".

Quali rappresentanti ufficiali del Comitato Promotore di Stop Vivisection ci urge dunque dichiarare che:

non abbiamo cambiato idea e che nessuno è mai stato da noi delegato a parlare a nome nostro.



Dr André Ménache e prof. Gianni Tamino, rappresentanti della ICE <StopVivisection>



December 6, 2016


STOP VIVISECTION counter conference

STOP VIVISECTION contro conferenza

STOP VIVISECTION contre conference

June 29, 2016

STOP VIVISECTION will not attend the European Commission Conference


June 21, 2016

The response of Brussels Authorities to Stop Vivisection letter “A lack of accountability”


June 20, 2016

From Stop Vivisection to Brussels Authorities: “A lack of accountability”

Da Stop Vivisection alle Autorità di Bruxelles: “Un mancanza di credibilità”

June 10, 2016

Commission's response about the letter: "More courage is needed on your part"


June 9, 2016

From Stop Vivisection to Brussels Authorities: "More courage is needed on your part"


April 15, 2016

A response to the Commission about a scientific Conference to be held "in response to one of Stop Vivisection requests”


March 11, 2016

A letter from the Commission about a scientific Conference to be held "in response to one of Stop Vivisection requests”


February 17, 2016

It is time for a serious debate on Animal Experimentation

Modelli animali: discutiamone finalmente


January 5, 2016

A response to Katainen about the Scientific Conference's organization


December 18, 2015

Letter from Katainen about a Scientific Conference


September 10, 2015

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