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Public hearing at the European Parliament

21 April 2015

Public hearing at the European Parliament

Dear Member of the European Parliament,
Always grateful for your support of our STOP VIVISECTION Initiative, we are happy to announce that the Public Hearing with the European Commission - in which our position on the use of animal testing will be explained - is going to take place

in the European Parliament in Brussels
on Monday, May 11th, 2015, from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm
room JAN 4Q2 (Jozseff Antall Building)

in the presence of the European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans and parliamentary committees AGRI, ENVI, ITRE and PETI.

It is going to be a unique opportunity to investigate a vitally important topic: modern biomedical research and toxicology. We therefore kindly ask you not to overlook this event, nor the possibility you have to book for taking the floor.

Out of forty European citizens Initiatives (ICE) that were started in the first three years of the newly acquired "Right of Initiative", only 3 (three) have passed the milestone of one million signatures, and STOP VIVISECTION - with 1,173,131 certified signatures - is among these 3. We would be very grateful if you would passon this invitation to your colleagues.

They should know that:
Our goal is to demonstrate that some of the current laws are founded on a basic error: that animal experimentation is aa scientific method of research, which can provide reliable answers for the human species.

It is easy to demonstrate that the use in laboratories of the "animal model", far from providing answers in toxicology and medicine, is an obstacle both for prevention and for treatment research, along with an immense waste of funds allocated to both.

For further information on data and statistics, we recommend reading the "Letter to the Members of the European Parliament" STOP VIVISECTION sent on March 15th,
2015, that you will find on the home page of our website.

Your participation is very important to us, and greatly appreciated
With our most sincere thanks in advance

The organising committee of STOP VIVISECTION